About Us

About Michael Thurman Custom Homes

Michael Thurman Custom Homes builds for people who long to have their uniqueness recognized, while maintaining specific needs and wants that structure the luxury lifestyle. Professional business practices and personal interaction with our customers throughout the construction process leaves everyone, ourselves included, with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that a truly special custom home has been created.

Experienced Team

The people at Michael Thurman Custom Homes are our most important investment. Every employee has at least 10 years of building experience. We select project managers for their building skills, as well as their ability to openly and effectively communicate with others. They will ask the questions that will help capture and enhance your ideas, and then bring them to life in your custom home.

Exceptional Satisfaction

Michael Thurman Custom Homes began as a referral-based company. We continue to rely on client referrals to grow our business, which means every interaction we have with a client has to be exceptional. By sharing our stories and knowledge with you, you have a more sophisticated and educated homebuilding experience, and hopefully a greater appreciation for the home your imagination and efforts helped to build.